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SUM of I: A Whimsical Tale of Urban Beats

Strap in for a journey through the eccentric alleys of our story — a vibrant mix of art, fashion, and urban thrills. Picture this: in Milan's artsy corners, Paolo, a lover of art and design with a flair for fashion, can't stay cooped up in a studio. He believes paintbrushes and hammers are the perfect duo! But why limit art to just hanging on walls when Milan's streets breathe style?

He plunged into artisan goldsmithing, blending classic art with street-style graffiti.

Then, London calls! Milan's classic vibes felt restrictive, but in London's sleepless, rain-kissed streets, everything's possible. Here, Paolo crafts jewelry that finds its way into galleries — not old-school pearls, but a fusion of precious stones, metals, and paint.

Alongside working with UK fashion brands, from Westwood to Karen Millen, Matthew Williams to Lulu Guinees, under mentors like Simon Harrison, David Goodwin and Mark Bloomfield, Paolo discovers the depths of fashion accessories. For him, it's like playing in a vast sandbox, mixing and matching from thrift shops to luxe labels. He tinkers with new techniques, infusing art into fashion's melting pot. London whispers its secrets, showing how art and urban chic can dance together.

Then, the pandemic hits — a twist in our tale. It leads Paolo to a venture capitalist and a forward-thinking entrepreneur. Together, they create Nomad&eve, an e-commerce brand that's more than style — it's about feeling good, connecting, and keeping spirits high.

But hold on, there's more! In our first year, we outgrew our early dreams faster than a fairytale beanstalk. Enter SUM of I. It's our way of declaring, 'Hey, together, we're a work of art!' It's not just a brand; it's a celebration of our unique paths in this vast world.

That's our story — a blend of art, passion, and urban flair. Welcome to the SUM of I family, where every day is a fresh canvas awaiting the stroke of your unique hues!

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